Hello, and welcome to our pub!
We have tried to create an environment, rather like your favourite pub where you can feel at home among friends.

Just like a pub, you can exchange views, argue your point, moan about the government and generally put the world right. Feel free to contribute your own thoughts and views - there are separate sections for moaning and chatting plus book and film reviews, jokes, cartoons, etc.

Like any pub, it won't suit everybody - if you are below 'a certain age', can understand 'text talk' and program a video recorder, the pub up the road with the loud juke box and pool table is probably more to your taste.

However, if you think you'll fit in and can make a positive contribution to the board we'd be delighted if you would join us. The link below takes you to the forum where you can sign-up, create a profile and introduce yourself.

Best wishes - The Virtual Pub Team!